Dr Armelle Bauer

Who I am ?

Hello, my name is Armelle Bauer, with a Ph.D. in computer science I’m an R&D Software Engineer in computer graphics. Nice to meet you!
My main interests relate to real‑time, characters animation, interactions, and crowds behaviors, mixed reality, AI algorithms. Highly motivated I am looking to create and work on intuitive, innovative, and disruptive tools.

I’m curious and like to experiment, look at different technologies and play with them. Because I’m kinesthetic; sports, music, and arts (sculpting, drawing, …) are what helps me maintain myself focused. I’ve got a soft spot for all water-related activities: I’m a free and scuba diver (N3), and working on my instructor level on marine biology (FB1).

my 2021 resume

Why this website?

Have you ever felt that your CV doesn’t reflect who you are and what you’re worth? This website is all about this. I’m a bit reserved, and I hope that with this website I will be able to communicate more about myself while doing things I like to do.

If you divide your day into three equal parts, one is reserved to sleep (because sleeping is mandatory), one to work, and the last one for yourself. But that last part also contains all inherent things of life: eat, clean, clean yourself, do some sports, go to work, etc. In the end, to have a fulfilling life, you need to do a job that you like, that matters to you. And that’s what I intend to do.

This website is a way to present myself outside the CV framework. I hope you will enjoy going through the different parts of it as much as I enjoyed myself experimenting on it. You will learn more about me, my work, and what matters to me.